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Posted on August 03 2019

So…Where do I begin? We’re a little over half way through our second proper year of being a brand, brining you some of the finest streetwear products coming out of Tassie and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. We have the MASCOT V2 printed and ready patiently waiting to be released to the masses…Haha! Well we hope to have a mass worth of support eventually but for now A HUGE shout out to anybody who has bought anything from us and anybody who has supported us in any way! You guys are the REAL MVPS, we truly couldn’t do it without you. But we really do have the MASCOT V2 waiting for a release and I know what you’re thinking ‘just drop it already and stop talking’ well I’m afraid you’ll see a little more talking cos this release is going to be our biggest most extravagant one yet and the logistics of planning it are still being figured out and I promise you will be excited to see it, so stay patient we’ve got something great planned.

We switched up a little on what we printed these on too – still the same high quality streetwear but these tees are the next step up for us and I think the quality is even better than what we have available already. I’M SO EXCITED about these tees! I hope you guys love them as much as we do. They’ll be in your hands before the year is out.


In other news one of the founders of the brand @glax5s is heading to USA in august to link up with some of the producers and rappers he’s been working with over the last few years which is CRAZY! He’ll be hitting up LA and New York for a little over two weeks for a trip jam packed with studio time and straight up hustle, theses dudes don’t mess around when it comes to work and neither does he. Keep your eyes and ears posted up on his gram to keep up with the trip and follow us over @lgbang420 if you haven’t already. I’ll link some of the dudes that gla5s is gonna be working with t the bottom so you can the calibre of artist he’s heading over to work with.


Well that’s all you’re getting out of me for now, I’ll try keep you posted with more details when I know them, but for now THANK YOU!! We appreciate ya’ll and the support like you wouldn’t imagine.



Oh, wait up! If you have already check out – CROOKED MUSIC GROUP. One of our good homies doing a bunch for the underground rap scene in AUS, grass roots type shit!



Cheers from all of us @LBGANG420


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