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Posted on January 31 2019

It’s been waaaaaaaay too long between blogs and I am sorry for that – life got busy!

I have some good news and some great news for you all and I'm super stoked to finally be able to drop it all!

We got some brand new releases and some fresh colour ways in a couple of our classics. The new releases have been teased for ages and if you’ve been keeping up with our gram @lbgang420 you would have seen that. Today you’ll finally be able to cop our LOST BOX LOGO HOOD (or KILL BILL HOOD, as I hope they get known… Haha!) And our MASCOT HOOD. Both levelled up on our last hoods. I’m pumped as to be able to make that classic embroidered box logo hood and get it to the people! The quality of this hood is crazy and the details are perfect. Tall heavy weight hood that’d keep you warm on the coldest of Tassie days.  We’re definitely in summer here, don’t worry we haven’t lost the plot. The delay on the release has been a setback for us but we just wanted to get these products out so we’re more prepared for the exciting stuff we have planned to bring you in 2019. Back to the point at hand – The MASCOT HOOD is another rad product featuring a super simple centred and boldly embroidered MASCOT head on a grey hood. I love this hood almost as much as the KILL BILL hood.. Almost!


So, the next series coming for you is a three part – HOOD, LONG SLEEVE TEE and TEE. It’s gonna be a big step style wise for us and something that has taken a long time for me to be stoked on and I’m glad it’s taken the time cos the products we’re planning are huge. What I’ll say is screen printed, maybe some embroidery details – still working out some kinks. And LIMITED. All our products are limited to a certain extent but these will be limited to the point that they will only be printed as this series one time no reprints, nothing. No exceptions. The plan is to do a sticker series with them as well – collect em’ all!

Oh! We’ve got a MASCOT spin off in the works too.