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Posted on May 18 2018

Sooooooo its been about three weeks since the drop of ‘ OUTSIDERS’ by Prxject Gho$t, have you copped a copy yet?? Yes, no, maybe, you don’t know? If the answer wasn’t HELL YEAH then you know what you should do. I’ll even link it for you right HERE.

To celebrate this release I’ve got some little (I say little but there’s a bit to read when its three in one.. bare with me though cos I know you’ll enjoy it all) interviews for you from some of the artists who featured on the ep  and of course the one and only Prxject Gho$t. I tried to get that Kensei Abbot interview but he’s a busy man! I will keep trying though so make sure those eyes are peeled and ready!

Here we go!


Prxject Gho$t


So for the people who don’t know, who are you guys?

 We are Prxject Gho$t - a two piece rap group from Launceston Tasmania with a passion for creating. It’s all we do. We strive to achieve anything our heart desires and don’t doubt ourselves for a second. Our Prxject is to express our true inner essence, the Gho$t inside. 


Can you give us some insight on what goes in to something like this ep?

 Way more than most people realise. As for the lyrics K handles that and it takes life experience and epiphanies to get that fuel you need to be able to write something that’s from the heart, you can’t just make that shit happen. We’ve spent countless nights listening to these songs over and over again just to get that one line right or that one sample to sound right. Then there’s the production of the beats, recording and editing vocals, mixing and mastering, artwork, distribution that is handled by gla$s. All in all it’s a lot of hard work and hustle. 


What does the future hold for Prxject Gho$t and you guys individually?

 All we want to do is keep creating. The feeling we get after making a new song is second to none. Live shows are definitely on the cards for our future as well as some more visuals. 

For now K is heavily focused on his tattooing but will always have time for Prxject Gho$t. As for gla$s rumour has it that ‘gla$s & friends’ is on the way which will be a self produced EP, as well as a bunch of other songs he has produced for other artists due out in the near future. 

We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. 


Black Orhids


Yo man! For the ones who don’t know, who are you, what song did you feature on and when was this track made?

 I'm Black Orchids from Melbourne, Australia and I worked with Prxject Gho$t on ‘Give Or Take’ way back in August 2017 after being put in contact by some mutual friends of ours.
I was living up in Byron Bay at the time and I had chatted with Gla$s earlier in the year about working together on some music, we both decided it was time to link up so I caught a flight down to Tasmania with my girlfriend for a week.

 How did you find working with the homies in Prxject Gho$t? Were the vibes flowing?

 After playing in Death Metal bands all the way through high school, using absolute trash studios and being surrounded by generally trash people, I couldn’t have been a happier person walking into their HQ that day.
Homies hooked me up with the cereal bowl of weed as soon as I walked in, they parked me on the couch and showed me what they were working on and I was blown away in all senses. 
The studio itself is immaculate, man’s got gear, man’s got LED mood lighting, man’s got the finest selection of Tasmanian smoke you could imagine and on top of that, man’s got the tightest workflow I’ve ever seen in a Producer.
When it came to actually creating ‘Give Or Take’; it was pretty much a spontaneous moment between Prxject Gho$t and I after recording my debut single ‘No Paradise’ the same day, we were all vibing hard after working on that and still had plenty of energy to work with so this track was the result.
Definitely hard not to vibe with what they’ve got going man, both K and Gla$s grind harder than anyone I know and I could talk about working with them for hours but I won’t to give away secrets too early on.


Whats been happening with you lately and where are you headed?

 Right now and over the last few months I’ve just been grinding with artists all around Australia on their media presence, whether that be Rappers, Metalcore bands or nightclubs.. I’ve got my fingers in everywhere right now.
I’m currently on the Gravemind ‘Lifelike’ Tour with my homies in 23/19, they got me working on their media while I chop up and spit bars in the back of their Kia Carnival.
Final two stops are Sydney, then Brisbane where I’m hoping to link up with a few dudes to cook some new music with before flying back to Melbourne next week.

As far as the future goes, I’m about to start on a massive project that’ll be out at the end of 2018.
My moves are being measured by myself and carefully selected group of people who want to see this music go all the way to the Billboards, and that’s where we’re going.




ALI FTR tell the people who you are!

 I'm a rapper and producer originally from Columbus , Ohio who has been making music for around 7 years now.    


How did you get workin with project ghost?

I got working with project ghost when Gla$s hit me up about the tape. He sent over this song with K on it and it was fire so I had to lay something down. 


What have you been putting all your time and energy into lately?

 Man all my time has been spend trying to perfect my sound Haha I literally wake up work on music , go to school for music then come home work on music then go to sleep then repeat every day. Been doing that almost every day for like the past seven years.


How do you see your future with project ghost and LB Gang?

 My future with project ghost and LB is going to be great! LB is my family so we gotta have a good future. We're going to have so many songs out together just wait!