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L O S T B O Y S G A N G Ch. 1 The Gang

Posted on January 03 2018

 Who are we...? Not a gang in the traditional sense but it sounds cool, right? We have that pack mentality, one for all and all for one type shit. Hustle hard, focus, be what YOU want.

Why...? Why not?! I've always enjoyed the idea of working for myself, being my own boss. It's one of the biggest reasons behind Lost Boys Gang. That combined with the potential job opportunities we can provide for people we love is enough for anybody to dive head first into a dream, isn't it? Oh and banging streetwear that's not gonna put a major dent in your savings. 

We're learning as we go, so if you stick with this monthly newsletter I'll keep you up to date with what the gang has been up to. I’ll also give you some advice I would have loved to have been given when this idea snowballed into reality. Bare in mind this is still in the very early stages of a dream coming true. This newsletter is not gonna be a step by step guide on every aspect, instead it will give you a rough idea so you can stumble around in the dark like we are.

So, what’s coming next? The next run will feature a new long sleeve (that you won’t get to lay eyes on until the very last minute), a tee which you'll have seen if you've peeped our coming soon section on the home page and a reprint in black of the MASCOT TEE on a bright orange 100% cotton tee. Everybody needs some high vis. There is some must have accessories in the works too, but they're on the back burner for now while we get everything else going!

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Sincerely, Rayne. 
Lost Boys Gang