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Posted on July 21 2018

I know it’s been a while but it’s time for an update! We’ve got some new items coming in soon that you’re gonna some what of a sneak peek at through this blog. So!! What are the newbies you might ask.. Okay, okay. I’ll tell you! We’ve got a Tee coming, it’s a reprint of the OG LOGO classic y’all seemed to love so much. We never intended to reprint these but the time just seems right, ya know? You guys have only seen em' in black with either a pink print or blue print but they were originally printed in black on a white tee which was the first thing we ever printed as a test! Where we thought to start I guess. So to pay a little homage to real OG LOGO we’ve decided to reprint on white but not in black it’ll be printed in… Drum roll please … Nah I’m not gonna give that away just yet you’ll have to check out our Instagram for more updates, I’ve gotta build some suspense! We’re also gonna print the OG LOGO on a stone washed black tee with the same colour print as the white tee! One thing I can say is its gonna be bright.. The next item is gonna be a new hoody! Might not be everybody’s cuppa tea but hey, step outside the comfort zone a little. Bare with me though cos' I’m so excited about this one! It’ll be a different cut than our previous hoody. Something a little bulkier, a little bit of a bigger fit and perfect for these freezing cold winter days in little old Tassie. The colour of the hoodie is Aussie Gold and there is a box logo embroidered on the chest in white and mauve purple, few other details you’ll see when they’re dropped. DON’T WORRY! there’s another hood coming later in the year which will be similar fit to the BOLD MARKER but a little lighter grey, also embroidered. We wanted to give you guys another nice neutral colour that can be worn on the reg with whatever you wanna pair it with! I’m so hyped about all this new stuff we’re bringing to you! Taking it to the next level.


In other news our homie Kensei Abbot dropped a big project he’s been working on titled “Faces”. Every song goes so hard and is that super distinct Kensei sound that we all love. And it’s only the beginning, so much more in store. There’s a track on there called “Save Face” which has been produced by the one and only LB Gang OG, Like Gla$s. So ya’ll should go check it out!! Also the G Blk Orchids aka Active warrants just dropped a clip for a little banger by the name of “Tour Van” if you know what’s good praise your eyeballs with the glory. Plus he also has a song coming out on the 26th of this month titled “Animal” which I really think is gonna set the bar for him.


That’s all I got for you guys, sorry to be kinda brief life’s just been a little busy lately.