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Posted on April 15 2018

COLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBB! We have an exciting collaboration with Cooking With Gernie coming up, just in time for 4/20, or 20/4 for us Australians! For those of you who don’t know; 4/20 is a date that, in cannabis culture, is akin to Christmas for stoners. A great day in other words! There is a cool story about where those particular numbers came from, but I will leave that for you guys to find out.
Anyway, back to the matter at hand – the collab!! It will feature a new tee shirt with a dedicated collab design that you can get a sneak peak of if you subscribe to our newsletter, and an A4 print by yours truly, stoner flash alert! There will be a limit to 30 copies of each item! There will be no reprints to exactly replicate the collab.. we may release a pocket logo version in the future, but don’t get too hopeful (insert demon emoji).
As always, it’ll be printed on an 100% cotton tee, but a slightly different cut than we normally use! More of a box fitting shape, you gotta stay cozy! There will also be another detail you might notice if you have any of our other tees, but I won’t give that away at this stage! Printed by the always great killer merch.
I’m super excited about this collab and am stoked we crossed paths with Gernie! I can’t confirm, but I’m definitely thinking we’ll have to collab with CWG again in the future, so don’t panic if you miss out! I think promoting cannabis culture is a good thing (I know it’s illegal in Australia) but I think it impacts more positively than alcohol and ciggies, so why stigma?! I’m not against alcohol or ciggies either, you do you! Not to get too political about it haha!
WEED IS GOOD – if you don’t agree and aren’t willing to change your thoughts, come back when you are! LB GANG is weed positive and I think you should be too – everything in moderation.
Planning for our next line is well underway, so excited to show you guys! You’ll finally be able to get your hands on those outfit finishing socks you’ve all been waiting for. I can’t tell you yet what else we’re thinking about, but what I can say is layers.. We’re always looking to expand our catalogue, so this run will feature some new items. Keep your eye on the newsletter and our Instagram to keep up with what’s happening regarding progress on the next line and the new items in store for you!
Sorry to be so brief, but I hope the quality of the news is enough to keep the fire going ‘til the next instalment! If there’s anything above that anybody has any questions about, hit me up in the emails via
Sincerely, Rayne
Lost Boys Gang