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L O S T B O Y S G A N G Ch. 3 Dreamers

Posted on February 26 2018

Are you a dreamer? Do you wanna’ be? Well, good. I was hoping that was the answer!
The great thing is, everybody has the potential to dream, all you need is an imagination... You know, that thing you used to use when you were a kid. That thing you could live all your wildest dreams through. Imagination can also be kinda scary sometimes, imagining all of the possible downfalls you may go through in life, but not to worry! Like I said, it’s your imagination, and these things aren’t quite as real as they feel. You can build them into reality though, your dreams that is.
I was always confused as a kid as to why people never thought they could become famous or succeed in a huge way in their life. I was confused that people were comparing themselves to the rich and famous, when the rich and famous used to be “ordinary people” too... Sure, they may have had skills and talents you struggled to dream of, but its not as if every single one of them fell into to the position they are in randomly.
The majority of people who are in a grand place have worked to be in that place every day, and continue to do so day in day out. They may have stopped to think, from time to time, that maybe what they are doing isn’t what they should be doing,  but I don’t reckon they held onto that idea,  or let anybody around them impact them in any other way but positive. You bet that what kept them persisting was that dream, and that dream grows greater the longer you persist. Everytime I feel flat and uninspired, a thought goes through my head. That thought is “keep movin’ and movin” from a song called ‘Blindfolds ft. Juicy J’ from Wiz Khalifa’s album ‘Taylor Allderdic’. To downlaod the album click here.
That song and those lyrics remind me to keep moving, don’t stop, regain the vision and get back to the dream at hand. Little things like that make me see the simplicity in life and remember that no one really knows why we exist or what we are supposed to do on this earth, so who are they to tell you and me that we can’t aim to lead outrageously positive and goal driven lives that lead us to what we really want in this world, happiness...
It’s always been a dream of mine to build a streetwear business with my bestfriends (and I’m doing it, check out what we have to offer here) and above is the mindset that drives me everyday to build this streetwear brand into something that I hope can inspire other people to follow their dreams and live life in the way they we should as humans, no matter what goal they are trying to achieve.
Something else I wanted to touch on was, when you are following these dreams, do not half ass them... Right down to the minor details, take time to research and build relationships with potential business colleagues, ‘cos not only are these people the middle men, but a vital tool in how successful your potential ideas could be. Take streetwear for instance – you have an idea for a clothing item and you need somebody who can render your design into the digital world and make it into a workable vector that you can provide to your printer, and that they can turn into apparel. That somebody is a graphic designer. AKA genius, this is one of my favourite items that LB gang worked on with this genius.. No Lies.
In the early LB Gang days there were a few hit and misses, but that eventually led me to a local dude who has helped in many ways, but most importantly he has created graphics out of our ideas and enabled us to turn them into quality streetwear that we can share with the world. If you’ve been following us from the start then you may know who that great local is, but if not, you may never know.. What? You didn’t really think I would give it up that easy did you? Some things are best kept secret.
Another thing that you need if you want to make great clothing is somewhere to buy GOOD quality basics that aren’t ill fitting and wont feel like a cardboard box after one wash... And I mean that, the quality of whatever you choose to use must be as high as possible if you want to succeed. Even if that means the process may take a little longer, so be it. YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE SO USE IT WISELY. Don’t forget that doing things correctly at the start saves time and pain in the future.
Sincerely, Rayne
Lost Boys Gang
‘Taylor Allderdice’ Wiz Khalifa  -