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L O S T B O Y S G A N G Ch. 2 Team

Posted on February 07 2018

Now, I don’t think a team is crucial to a streetwear brand. Do you? I guess if you did you wouldn’t be here, right? I do think having a team can be a huge benefit though, and I’m gonna tell you why. A team can provide you with FREE support, advice, criticism and all of the good things you need when you are working on turning your dreams into reality. In my opinion, having a dream is the most crucial part of being successful, but we’ll chat about that another time.
Back to the topic! Your team (if that’s the road you wanna go down) will basically be a free focus group. It will be a bunch of people you can bounce ideas off at any time, who will hopefully give you honest answers. Your team need to be honest if your idea is trash. That’s right people, TRASH. Not every single idea you have is going to be great, and that’s okay 'cos bad ideas are mistakes and mistakes teach you things. You need people around you to be honest, but you also need people around you to support you when mistakes happen.
There is a potential downfall to getting ideas from multiple people. That is, instead of these ideas coming from an educated soap box, they could come from somebody who is a self proclaimed fashion lord, and just trying to give you advice about clothing they know nothing about. Though, If you can manifest a culture of learning, acceptance and cooperation within your team, the pros of having an apparel team behind you far outweigh the cons. On this journey, you’ll discover that people have different skills and honing these skills is so important.
Don’t be scared to try new things, you will have no idea of your capabilities if you don’t give things a go. You can definitely trust that eventually you’ll stumble across that gold seam, and the rest will be history. Trust is the major theme here, you need to be able to fully trust the people around you. On the other hand, working on your own and making your own plans and ideas means that you are the only person you need to trust. That sounds great, but it could also create a funnel for your ideas instead of opening multiple doors.
I’ll let you decide for yourself, but I strongly urge you to consider the benefits of having a team. Only counting on yourself though, is definitely a great place to start, and it should be the place to start. You have to be aware of who you are and what you want first, and that’s hard for a lot of people. Of course it’s hard, being alive is a weird enough thing to grasp, and then on top of that, being completely comfortable with who you are and where you are headed in life. SHIT!Don’t worry, these things will happen in time.
Things will line up, and until then take everything as a lesson rather than a failure. Do not be discouraged by bumps in the road. You might not realise it, but each bump teaches you something on the journey, whether that be a crash and burn, or that lightbulb moment years later that makes you say ‘ahhhh, of course'. All you need to do is keep moving forward. Start with yourself first, then surround yourself with like-minded people and form a solid base. From there, the sky is the limit.. After that, the stars. Then what? You decide, that’s the beauty of it. Don’t quit! This advice doesn’t just apply to streetwear. I think you can apply this type of positive thinking anywhere in your life.
There are huge benefits of having a supportive team, it makes the bad days better and the good days great. The support from my team members makes the thought of giving up only a thought. My aim here was to write my objective thoughts  on the differences of working within a team and working alone. Accidentally, I have written a subjective piece on why you should work within a team environment. Whoops. I guess that's because I’ve always had a great team surrounding me, who have pushed me towards what I want in life.
I'm not saying that you need to rush out and recruit every tom dick and harry, but at least consider the idea of building some sort of legacy with your best friends. Make your own decisions based on what you feel works for YOU. If you really want to succeed, I mean really want it, then you’ll get it, 'cos you wouldn't settle for less. Success doesn’t just mean wealth, success to me means that you’re content and where you think you need to be. TRUST YOUR GUT.
Sincerely, Rayne. 
Lost Boys Gang